PathfinderPC License Frequently Asked Questions

How many versions of PathfinderPC are there?
PathfinderPC comes in 2 versions PathfinderPC and PathfinderPCPro.  In addition there is an upgrade license that will allow a customer with PathfinderPC to upgrade to PathfinderPC Pro.  Some documents may also refer to PathfinderPC Legacy.  This is the version of Pathfinder that was sold before July 1, 2008.  Any Legacy customers are entitled to a free upgrade to Pathfinder Pro functionality for as many server licenses as they currently own.  See the feature comparison chart for more details.

What is the difference between the versions of PathfinderPC?
PathfinderPC is the flagship router control application developed by Axia and Software Authority to control and automate Axia audio systems. It ships with all of the tools required to configure, route, and automate the routing of audio throughout your facility.

PathfinderPro expands on this capability with built in licensing and support for clustering (redundant Pathinder servers) and additional tools and capabilities. For a complete feature comparison see the feature comparison chart.

My new copy of Pathfinder came with a request code. How do I obtain the license key for it?
To obtain you license key go to:
PathfinderPC Licensing
If you are a new customer or have not previously created a PathfinderPC account, click on Create New Account, and use the request code on your copy of PathfinderPC to create an account.

Please note, the information you provide is for us to track orders and support cases only. It will not be shared outside of the Telos/Axia/Omnia/Software Authority group. Also, we will only email you about product updates and new products if you specifically select the box indicating you wish to receive such emails.

If you are a returning customer who needs to upgrade licenses or add additional licenses to your account, login with your email address and password. In addition once your account is created you can return to this page to view and maintain your licenses. You can then enter the request code and license key into PathfinderPC Server through the window that is displayed when the application starts or by accessing the licensing menu item under the File menu (version 4.20 and later).

I am a legacy customer who purchased Pathfinder before July 1, 2008. Do I need to buy and upgrade to get PathfinderPro functionality?
No. All legacy customers can enter their original legacy Request Code into the PathfinderPC Licensing page to obtain a free upgrade to a PathfinderPro license. However, you will only receive Pro functionality for as many legacy server licenses as you currently own. The new PathfinderPro ships with 2 server licenses. If you only own one legacy license, that license will be upgraded to all of the capabilities of PathfinderPro, but you will not obtain a free second server license for clustering. To obtain a second server license, you will need to purchase the upgrade product.

Legacy customers that already purchased two legacy licenses in order to run a cluster can upgrade both licenses through the licensing web page to obtain the full dual server PathfinderPro status. To obtain your free upgrade, go to the PathfinderPC licensing web page and create an account using the original legacy request code. Upon successful account creation, upgrade licenses will be generated and displayed. Starting with PathfinderPC Server 4.20 and later, you can access, enter, and upgrade the licensing information through the File menu of PathfinderPC Server.

I am a Legacy user. If I upgrade, will the Pro license overwrite my legacy license making me unable to return to an earlier version of the software?
No. The PathinderPro license is stored in a different location so that both licenses can reside on the machine. That way if you need to downgrade PathfinderPC Server to an earlier version, you can do so with no ill effects.

I notice PathfinderPro ships with the additional applications VMIXControl and SAPortRouter. What are they?
VMIXControl is a virtual mixer application that can be installed on as many machines as you like in a PathfinderPro environment. It provides a mixer user interface that controls the 40 channel virtual mixer that lives in each Axia Mix engine. It also communicates with PathfinderPro to obtain routing and licensing information. VMIXControl requires PathfinderPro version 4.20 or later to work.

SAPortRouter is a router of serial information that can dynamically route serial port and TCP port data streams. It can also be controlled by Pathfinder so that routing changes can be dynamic. It also supports multiplexing so that controlling devices can communicate with multiple Pathfinder servers. For example, it could be used to dynamically route serial commands from satellites to automation systems. See the help file for this application for more information. It can be installed on as many computers as you like in a PathfinderPro environment. This application also requires a PathfinderPro license.

Can VMIXControl be used to control my Element motorized faders?
Not at this point in time. VmixControl only controls the40 channel virtual mixer in the Axia mix engines.

Can I use the VMIXer on an existing Element mix engine as a second mixer controlled by VMIXControl?
Absolutely. The Virtual Mixer in Element is designed to provide additional simple mixing capabilities. VMIXControl controls this.